Markets in Fashion: A phenomenological approach (Routledge Studies in Business Organizations and Networks)

Interest in contemporary cultural industries has grown in the past decade, as they take on a greater significance in our increasingly consumer-led society. Focusing on the world of fashion photography, this book presents an interdisciplinary approach in which this and other aesthetic markets, such as advertising, modelling, art, music and more, can be viewed. The main thrust of this groundbreaking book, is in developing a theory for these cultural markets, characterized by insecurity, and whe…

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French – Basics for Travelers

A great book to get you started with basic French expressions, grammar and phrases! After all, no matter where you go in France, it helps knowing a bit of French. Take this compact and concise book of popular phrases, often-seen words and basic French grammar with you and learn the basics of French while on the go!
This pocket guide contains:
Lots of popular French words, pronunciation tips, and easy-to-find phrases for small talk, directions, food and dining, shopping and many other trav…

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The Four Biggest Mistakes in Futures Trading

“Veteran trader Jay Kaeppel describes the opportunities and challenges of futures trading with easy grace and engaging wit. After exploring the risks and rewards, Kaeppel shows how the average trader can succeed in futures by embracing four key principles of trading mastery.” —Nelson Freeburg, Editor/Publisher, Formula Research newsletter From the creator of Futures Pro Trading System Software winner of 6 Readers Choice Awards in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazineThis book…

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Debugging: The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems

This fun-to-read, easy-to-understand book on how to find computer bugs presents nine proven Golden rules for how to systematically track down software and hardware glitches.

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The One: The Life and Music of James Brown

The definitive biography of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, with fascinating findings on his life as a Civil Rights activist, an entrepreneur, and the most innovative musician of our time Playing 350 shows a year at his peak, with more than forty Billboard hits, James Brown was a dazzling showman who transformed American music. His life offstage was just as vibrant, and until now no biographer has delivered a complete profile. The One draws on interviews with more than 100 people who knew…

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Financial Mathematics: Theory and Problems for Multi-period Models

With the Bologna Accords a bachelor-master-doctor curriculum has been introduced in various countries with the intention that students may enter the job market already at the bachelor level. Since financial Institutions provide non negligible job opportunities also for mathematicians, and …

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Masaccio: Saint Andrew and The Pisa Altarpiece (Getty Museum Studies on Art)

Ranked by many scholars as the greatest master of early Italian Renaissance painting, Masaccio (1401-1428) was the first artist to use effects of light to create three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional plane. This achievement, revolutionary in Masaccio’s day, is one of the painter’s significant contributions to art history.This book explores Masaccio’s accomplishment as epitomized by the multipaneled painting of which the Saint Andrew panel is thought to have once formed a part: the Pis…

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